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Why is Steampunk so Awesome?

I have always been fascinated with the concept of steampunk. Aside from the environmental concerns that I won’t be going into (because in spite of the idea that to use machines that require steam you usually have to burn coal, steampunk is just an idea, and not an actual practice), I very much like to think about modern day items that could be powered by steam. There’s also the amazing look of dials, pistons and lots of copper pipe, and another big part of the allure is the Victorian era style that goes along with it.

What is it about steampunk that I find so appealing? Sure, there’s the aesthetics as I’ve previously mentioned, but steampunk is also a cross genre concept with it’s feet firmly planted in both the fantasy and scifi. It comfortably sides with fantasy where it feels a natural extension to the magic and make believe of another world, like a steam powered saddle for horse (think rockets, guns, the ability to make tea on the go, that kind of thing), a dragon or the unfathomable enormity of whatever creature you think requires this tech. On the side of scifi, it enhances the classic Victorian era of horse and cart, with mechanical creatures transporting their riders, or giving users access to the internet via a steam powered laptop.

Steampunk laptop. Cumbersome, but how cool!

Though I couldn’t say what first attracted me to steampunk, I know it’s been a fairly recent addition to my interests. I have always admired Victorian era fashion, and when steampunk elements are added it creates an even more stunning ensemble.

I was running errands at my local shopping centre which has a lovely little jewellery shop called Raymond’s Jewellers when I found this gorgeous piece and couldn’t resist. It was created by Veronese Design and reminded me so much of Peng’s gun as I’d described it in The Ancient Wish, I just had to have it.

Peng’s Gun

When I first began planning The Direbright Series I wanted to create a world that used steampunk as its technology, but wasn’t necessarily a story about steampunk. You’ll be excited to learn I am diligently working on book two: The Cursed Gift.

I don’t tend to work on my novels chronologically (I’ll let you know my style of writing in another blog entry), however I have completed the first few chapters which will help shape the plot for scenes I’ve already written as ideas and the direction I wanted before I started with Chapter One.

What do you think about steampunk? Let me know in the comments below:


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4 thoughts on “Why is Steampunk so Awesome?

  1. It was interesting to read about your reasons for liking steampunk. I love cyberpunk and can’t really understand why. Maybe it’s the aesthetics, or the challenges it poses for the characters. Anyway, thanks for sharing! I enjoyed this post 🙂

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    1. Cyberpunk comes a close second for me too! I’m glad there’s someone who finds these ideas just as elusive as to why it’s such an appealing concept. Thank you for letting me know!


  2. I like steampunk, it’s a fascinating creative art form and goes so well with the Victorian era. Love seeing the end results of pipes, nuts, bolts and mechanical pieces put together to create an object . Victorian era , Steampunk and Fantasy send me to another world of fascination where I can remove myself from reality . Just love it !!!!

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    1. I adore seeing the designs people come up with to make a modern item look as though it belongs in yesteryear. I also love the unusual side, like having legs on vehicles instead of wheels. It has the potential to really let the imagination run wild!


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